UK Border Agency Crime Directorate
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Selection process

Online application form

The first stage of the recruitment process is for candidates to complete the online application form. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

Eligibility Screening

Candidates that meet the initial eligibility criteria for the roles to which they have applied will be moved forward to have their competency question responses scored.

Competency Sifting

All candidates reaching this stage will have their competency responses sifted, this process is carried out against the agreed sift criteria for the post, in accordance with the scoring system that is used consistently throughout the selection process. The selection panel looks for evidence that each candidate has demonstrated the competencies required and takes into account the strength of each example given. These core competencies are ranked in order of relative importance and these will remain constant throughout the selection process.


The top performing candidates completing online tests will be invited to attend an competency based interview which is the final stage of the selection process.

If you are invited to interview the following documentation will be required on the day:

  1. One of the following:
    1. Current, valid British passport
    2. Other full current passport
    3. Signed and certified passport photo with birth certificate issued at birth/adoption certificate
  1. Plus 2 of the following:
    1. Bank statements to cover the last six months
    2. Driving Licence (photo and paper)
    3. Utility Bill / Council Tax Bill sent to you at your given address and dated within the last 6 months
    4. Cheque book and bank card accompanied by 3 statements and proof of signature
    5. Credit card accompanied by 3 statements and proof of signature
  1. Plus one of the following as evidence of employment or academic history;
    1. Pay slip
    2. P60
    3. P45
    4. Academic reference

Should you be successful at interview we will also require confirmation of your security clearance and health standard and additional forms will be sent to you at that stage.

All information on the completed forms will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be seen by HR Managers only if you are recommended for appointment.

Please note that documents may be retained, for a short period, by the Agency in order to confirm validity. These will be returned to you by recorded delivery.

Pre-Appointment Enquiries

If you are recommended for appointment, enquiries will be carried out into your nationality, health and other matters, to ensure that you are qualified for appointment. To enable these enquiries to be completed, we will need to see your original birth certificate and passport. When the enquiries are completed satisfactorily, it will be for the UK Border Agency to make you a formal offer of appointment. We may also require other forms of identification which will be confirmed should you be invited to attend an interview

Campaign Timescales

You will be kept informed regarding the progress of your application at every stage of the recruitment process.



Closing date for completing online application form

Midnight on 1st April 2013

Eligibility Screening

2nd - 5th April 2013

Competency Sifting

8th April - 12th April 2013


From w/c 22nd April 2013

Interviews Results

From w/c 29th April 2013

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding the roles or the application process then please contact us by emailing

Civil Service Commissioners

Regulated by - Civil Service CommissionersThe Department’s recruitment processes are underpinned by the principle of selection for appointment on merit on the basis of fair and open competition as outlined in the Civil Service Commissioner’s Code which can be found at If you feel your application has not been treated in accordance with the Code and you wish to make a complaint, you should contact Daniel Dyer - in the first instance.  If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from the Department, you can contact the Office of the Civil Service Commissioners.