UK Border Agency Crime Directorate
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The role


The Immigration Officer vacancies are exciting and high profile roles. You will be working to deliver consistently excellent performance against a range of performance indicators. In your new role you can expect to be fully involved in the building of criminal cases against organised immigration crime groups and work with the Crown Prosecution Service (and other law enforcement agencies) to bring them to justice.  Refresher training will be provided if appropriate. You will also receive personal safety training appropriate to your role as an arrest and prosecution trained immigration officer.

The role is varied and will expose you to a number of immigration processes, including taking part in operations to detect, apprehend and, or arrest immigration offenders. You will attend police stations and interview individuals, attend private home addresses and commercial properties when required and will interview suspected immigration offenders. As an experienced investigator you will mentor and support other officers within your team to help them achieve PIP Level 2 accreditation. 

You will work closely with your colleagues within the Crime Directorate, as well as other departments, to ensure cases are processed and concluded in a professional and efficient manner.

Tasks/ Accountabilities/ Responsibilities:

You will undertake a range of activities which support the successful prosecution of individuals involved in immigration crime:

  • Obtaining and executing search warrants
  • Arresting suspected immigration offenders
  • Searching persons or property (either to prevent injury or escape, or search for evidence)
  • Conducting PACE interviews with suspected offenders
  • Collecting, preserving and recording evidence
  • Conducting checks on databases and updating as required
  • Driving official vehicles and transporting of suspects, including custodial responsibilities
  • Referring cases to senior grades as appropriate
  • Critical Incident Command (Bronze commander)
  • Supporting and undertaking POCA cash seizure activity
  • Mentoring current officers to achieving accreditation to PIP Level 2 standard.

One Criminal Operation in the Life of an IO in the Crime Directorate

On a day to day basis the Immigration Officer (IO) role in the Crime Directorate is as varied as any within the UK Border Agency, with tasks undertaken dependent on the cases being worked on at any given time.

A recent major operation started with an allegation that a female was assisting African nationals into the UK.  Following extensive background research, including liaison with other parties such as the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Local Authorities, the IO investigating the case found that by swapping identities within multiple asylum applications the female had facilitated hundreds of foreign nationals into the UK illegally.

Following the granting of 14 arrest warrants, the IO worked with senior managers to establish how many officers were required to undertake the searches and who would undertake what role.  The warrants were executed over a two day period, resulting in numerous arrests.  In total the IO completed over 100 statements, evidenced over 20,000 pages of documents and spent a week and a half testifying at trial.  They pulled together all the evidence in order to present it to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and liaised with both the CPS and barristers both before and during the trial. 

In total, this Organised Crime Group was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment and their successful prosecution has stopped a major facilitation route from Uganda to the UK. 

Person Specification

We are looking for staff who are:

  • Are experienced in the role of a detective and are willing to support and mentor others
  • are committed to continuous improvement, in an environment where performance matters
  • are flexible, adaptive and creative in solving problems and dealing with change
  • have a strong sense of personal ethics and honesty
  • enjoy dealing with the public and external and internal business partners
  • can effectively organise and plan
  • are professional and customer focussed
  • think in an objective and analytical manner
  • can demonstrate sound interpersonal, communication and relationship-building skills and thrive when working as part of a team; and
  • enjoy working with technology.

There may be a requirement to attend court to give evidence. All Crime Directorate staff are required to disclose any adverse judicial decisions or internal disciplinary matters under CPIA. Applicants need to bear this in mind when considering their suitability for this post.

Desirable skills

A sound knowledge of Immigration Law and offences. Recent enforcement experience.


In order to be eligible to apply, you need to meet either the qualification or experience requirements that are required for the Immigration Officer role in the Crime Directorate.

Candidates need to meet the following criteria:

Because of the specialist nature of crime investigation and the requirement that these new staff mentor current officers to PIP Level 2 standard, it is essential that all successful applicants have at least two years experience as a detective/ be PIP Level 2 accredited and that they have undertaken criminal investigations as a detective/ PIP Level 2 investigator within the last 12 months.

*PIP is the Professionalising Investigative Programme accredited by the College of Policing.

Please Note: You will need to provide a copy of your PIP Level 2 certificate or clearly demonstrate that you have at least two years experience as a detective in your application.

We require this level of experience and qualifications as a fundamental part of this specialist role will require successful applicants to coach and train existing staff.

Essential requirements

Fitness is essential to the role.  During the selection process you will be required to undertake a health assessment.

It is essential that you have a full driving licence.

Reasonable adjustments will be considered for staff with disabilities.

The roles are shift based so successful candidates must be prepared to work unsocial hours and weekends.  Due to the nature of the work successful candidates may be expected to work beyond the end of their shift dependent on operational need.


The competencies required for this post are set out in more detail in the respective job advertisement and will be assessed at the assessment and interview stage. They are:

  • Leadership Managing Myself & Others:
    • Leading on Equality & Diversity
    • Building Capability: Developing Self & Others
  • Analysis & Use of Evidence:
    • Gather and Manage information
    • Identify Options & Make Well Judged Decisions
    • Use Evidence Effectively
  • Working with others:
    • Develop and Maintain Good working relationships