UK Border Agency Crime Directorate
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The UK Border Agency (UKBA) was created at the start of April 2008, bringing together the work previously carried out by the UK Border and Immigration Agency, Customs detection work at the border from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and UK Visas, a joint directorate of the Home Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

UKBA is a law enforcement agency responsible for controlling migration in the UK, and carries out some of the most important and challenging work in Government. As an agency of the Home Office, it is responsible for immigration casework, visa applications, in-country enforcement activity, prosecution of immigration offenders, the immigration removal estate and our overseas immigration operations.

Responsibility for the UK border was separated from the UK Border Agency on 1 March 2012, when a Border Force command was created within the Home Office. Border Force is responsible for entry controls and customs functions at the border, including our juxtaposed controls in France and Belgium, covering responsibilities including immigration and security checks, prevention of people trafficking, anti-smuggling of banned and restricted goods including drugs and weapons and protection of border revenue.

UKBA protects the border and ensures that Britain remains open for business by checking people travelling to the UK before they arrive through visa checks, intelligence and the use of the e-Borders system. UKBA:

  • processes visa applications overseas and applications for further stay from those already in the country; including students, workers, family members and asylum seekers
  • processes citizenship applications
  • takes enforcement action against those found to be in the UK unlawfully; and
  • prosecutes individuals who commit immigration related offences, such as facilitation or human trafficking..

This represents a continuum of control activity that extends from UK diplomatic posts across the world through our air and sea ports and into our communities.  Partnership with our counterparts overseas supports our drive to undermine terrorism, fight smuggling and tackle immigration crime.

You will be working in the Crime Directorate, a high profile part of the UK Border Agency and a key component in the Agency’s strategy to reduce illegal migration, maintain effective immigration borders and reduce harm in our communities.  Seven regional teams operate across the UK, prosecuting those individuals who commit serious immigration crimes such as human trafficking, facilitation of unlawful immigration and the abuse of the immigration system via sham marriages, production of false documents and the creation of bogus colleges.  Officers may also be tasked with reactive investigations in relation to forged or false documents and facilitation related offences at the border.

The teams are comprised of both police officers and specially trained immigration officers who work with corporate partners including ACPO, SOCA and others, in pursuit of shared objectives. Immigration Officers are responsible for supporting the successful prosecution and disruption of organised immigration crime. 

We currently have vacancies in our London, South East and North West Regional Teams.

We are delighted that you have expressed an interest in these exciting opportunities to work in the UK Border Agency.