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Welcome to the recruitment website.

At Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, we know that taking a new idea to market is a challenge. We fund, support and connect innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programmes to accelerate sustainable economic growth. Our vision is to see the UK as a global leader in innovation and a magnet for high growth, innovative companies, where new technology is applied rapidly and effectively to create wealth.

At Innovate UK we believe in attracting high calibre people who will bring with them the energy, capability and skills to succeed and help us deliver our vision. We fund, support and connect business on the innovation journey with a range of activities and programmes, each focused on helping to solve specific innovation challenges.

We also work with and help to connect a wide range of partners in the public and private sectors to help make the UK's innovation system work more effectively to support future economic growth. The challenges we face at Innovate UK are many and varied and each and every employee has a vital role to play.

Innovate UK’s activities are in assessing the areas of technology and innovation where the UK should focus, developing value through support to collaborative research and development, liaising and influencing across a range of government departments and engaging successfully with a range of public sector organisations and businesses. Our colleagues work across a dynamic scale: from small high innovation businesses to some of the world's largest corporations.

We support businesses, from start-ups to large multi-nationals, as well as universities and research and technology organisations. Innovative businesses are more productive and typically grow twice as fast as businesses that fail to innovate, and innovative economies are more competitive, respond better to change, and see higher returns on investment and increased living standards.

Working with Innovate UK, you will help to develop our organisation to drive a step change in the successful commercial exploitation of the UK's innovation talent. You will deliver excellence across your areas of responsibility, providing both the opportunity and environment to allow us to continue to attract and retain the most skilled and creative staff.

We at Innovate UK welcome your interest and hope you will explore our opportunities to work with leading edge companies and world class technologies to enhance the UK's economic base.