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Introduction to the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund and Prosperity Fund

Global Britain is an outward-facing nation and a world-leader on development, committed to building the global prosperity and security that keep the UK people successful and safe at home. We deliver programmes that work towards both UK Aid and National Security objectives and take direction directly from the National Security Council.  The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) and Prosperity Fund (PF) programmes also contribute towards the UK’s delivery against the Sustainable Development Goals.

Security and stability are essential preconditions for effective poverty reduction, so it is only right that CSSF works to provide integrated solutions to development, security and justice, defence and policing issues. Strengthening governments and institutions, working to build peace both through official peace processes and community level discussions, and helping countries move on from war are the means by which we can help people to get on with their lives and businesses to prosper. The CSSF positions the UK as a world leader and innovator in conflict and stability work, building on the lessons learnt from the Iraq Inquiry. As the security threats facing the UK become more hybrid and diverse, having a fund that can respond to such a wide range of issues and adapt quickly becomes ever more essential.

Around 70% of the world’s poorest people live in PF priority countries. They face considerable challenges such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and high and persistent inequality. Sustained economic growth is the only long-term solution to poverty. The PF supports vital economic development and reform needed. Following Brexit, a more outward looking, Global Britain investing in and working with our trading partners of the future, through the PF, is good for the UK and good for the world. As a secondary benefit, the PF should generate billions of pounds of economic benefit for UK business.

Having the right people is key to achieving our objectives for the Funds.  Both Funds are cross-government. Multiple UK departments and agencies are involved, contributing to new, novel ways of working. The team is drawn from across government, and a range of government departments help deliver programmes. Collaborative working is integral to achieving an impactful portfolio, and ministers have been clear they want programmes to represent the best of UK capability and expertise.  It is an exciting time to be working on both Funds.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly team, with cross-government colleagues who support diversity and encourage new ways of delivering, and on being a safe space in every sense, but particularly for debate and discussion. We translate these positive values into daily life through regular social events, as well as away-days and planning sessions where open and frank debate is really encouraged and valued.

Joelle Jenny

Joelle Jenny

Director, Joint Funds Unit

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